Animation Works Distribution
        We have a worldwide distribution network spread over Asia, Europe, and North America with offices and people on the ground. And by the long term cooperation with the companies based in France, South Korea, Japan, Canada, US, we represent the catalogue of not only own IPs, but also the local producers'. We also have a exploitation and L&M team and specialize in distributing programs across multiple platforms through our partnership with broadcasters, VOD and merchandising etc., there by gaining maximum value and revenues out of each IP.
WOMBAT CITY seasons 1 and 2
Running time : 52 X 13'
         From an original idea of Bruno CHANNE-KANE
      Wombat City is an urban story seen through the eyes of five young characters: Woodstock, Greg Supergreen, BB Doll, Jimi and Chamy. In a futuristic version of our modern world, the difficulties of urban life will get a taste of adventure - though ordinary anyway. Generation gap, family quarrels, divergent opinions and various neuroses are dealt with, through a clear -sighted and naive view by those young philosophers.
Running time: 52 x 3'
         Rudolf is a salesman, he sells from door to door and meets weirdo day to day.
Running time :52 X 26'
        Based on the comic strips of Maurice Maréchal , Published by Le Lombard
       Prudence PETITPAS lives in a small French village called Moucheron. She knits, potters in her garden and greatly enjoys talking to her cat Stanislas. Her lifestyle appears to be a classic example of peace and tranquility that fill the days of a well deserved retirement. But in fact, Prudence is a bit of a riddle solver and the driving force behind the adventures of resolving the mysteries that often take place in her village.
Running time: 26 X 13'
         From an original idea of Le Sixième continent
       The planet of the Chumballs, a true haven of peace and luxuriant nature, is threatened of destruction by Voltar, Machiavellian emperor who wants to avenge an affront on his ancestors. Pakadis, the wise governor of the planet, discovers his terrible intention and entrusts his daughter, Solana, with the dangerous and difficult mission of saving the planet. Endowed with her father's powers, she will experience many adventures and discoveries, followed by her friends Tom and Stel. A delightful series, which, through the surprising discovery of a new planet and its people, the "Chumballs", allows children to become aware of ecological problems in a world undergoing deep changes. The ecology is considered through the animated fiction in a play and amusing way.
Running time: 26 X 6'
       Ingenious, smart and fearless, but above all, pure and unblemished. A strong and innocent heart under a cloak of soft snowy wool, as white as white can be. In one word, Blanche.
       Blanche is a sheep of remarkable character and a natural leader with the tenacity of a lion and the delicacy of a lamb. She rules with nonchalance over an exceptionally varied community of very original animals: a dreamy, vegetarian lion, a bad tempered and interfering "pig-bat", a fussy duckling with a passion for tap-dancing, a chronically melancholic penguin, a spoilt and bossy piglet prone to tantrums, a romantic koala, a naughty hippopotamus who, with his inseparable rhinoceros side-kick, makes up a very special and explosive couple, and many other incredible characters.
Running time : 26 X 26'
       When crisis strikes around the world, here comes Team S.O.S.! Floods or pollution, famine or earthquake, no challenge is too great for the 12 years old Nenuphar and his friend Awa, as they travel around the world with a friendly team of emergency workers, bringing relief wherever mankind is in peril.
Running time: 13 X 26'
       SEA DOGS are the tales of the "saltiest" crew that ever sailed the ocean blue. Captain Loe, master mariner and poet, first mate Chico and engineer Rocky lead the crew as they sail the seven seas on their beat up old freighter the "Jolly Rover" carrying and delivering cargo to exotic, far away ports of call.
Running time :100 X 6'30"
       L'AVENTURE DE L'ECRITURE is an exciting way to learn French grammar and writing. The animated world makes learning all those rules much less work and even a lot of fun.